Welcome to our world of personalized decorative glassware,
established for those who are looking for a unique idea for any
and all events.

We carry all types of glassware from toasting flutes to cake domes.   

Now you can design your gift from a variety of our artwork and fonts,
or, if in a hurry, choose from many of our pre-designed items,
personalized with your information.

Look through our website for ideas, many of which have come from
customers just like you.

We design for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, speciality gifts,
just about any occasion.  



we are pleased to give you that personal touch many stores, even on the internet, cannot
provide.  We work with our customers on changing, rearranging, adding or deleting
specific artwork or wording, until the design fits your needs (most
at no charge.)

If you have any questions or ideas please contact us.
~ Set your imagination free... ~

Decorative glassware made for individuals like you...
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Before you buy that $5.99 laser engraved toasting flute, listen up!

There is a difference…Sandblasting versus Laser engraving  

If you want heirloom quality, custom designed glassware for any occasion,  MBA Engraving is the place to have your personalized
decorative glassware made.

There is quite a difference between a sandblasted glass and one that has been laser engraved.

Quality finish – satin frosted appearance – and permanent...
At MBA Engraving our products are sandblasted.

We choose sandblasting because of the quality of the finished product. We take the time to design to your specifications why would we
do anything different. Sandblasting produces a smooth satin frosted appearance of high quality. Though the process takes longer
(which is why it cost a few dollars more), the satin frosted appearance has a more elegant look. Deeply etched into the glass it is
permanent and will never wash or wear off. Sandblasting produces the best results when you want quality in your product.

Now if you’re in a hurry and you just can’t wait, laser engraving gets the job done, but you can see the difference.
The laser produces a permanent light dot type design without the smooth finish of sandblasting.
It is an automated machine process and requires very little time to produce a product.
The cost is less but the product is of lower quality.

So, if you want a more elegant appearance stick with sandblasting and call us for all your personalized decorative glassware.

Occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, we want all your events to be remembered.

For personal décor, re-design your kitchen or man cave/she shed in your motif.

Have a get-away cabin or lake front cottage, get those rock glasses that fit your style.

Call MBA Engraving    (207) 462-3860   (Text if you have a question)