Anchor Hocking
Trifle Bowl
Made in the USA  - Eco Friendly

Height: 8.5"   Capacity: 14 cups   
Weight:  4.6 lbs (glass)
Top Circumference: 8"     Color: Clear
The designs are endless...
Stars on either side of
the family name.
Pine Cones on either side
of the family name...
Anchor Hocking
Mini Trifle Bowl
Made in the USA  - Eco Friendly

Height: 4.25"   Capacity: 1 cup   Weight:  
4.6 lbs (glass)
Top Circumference: 3.5"     Color: Clear
trifle Bowl as a  
holder at our
front desk.

They are great
for dessert
dishes in your
Wedding Bands the family
Great gift for weddings and
Our favorite
'Happy Bear'
sits on both sides of "The
Bear's Den".
Do you have a favorite cave
that needs decorating with
your unique motif?
When they have special fund raisers
they order a few for a raffle.

Great money makers.

We can design your triffle bowls for
your special fund raisers. Ask a
representative for further information
See how you can
change your design by
create one, and are out of the area, please contact us to place an order.
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